The best travel places in the world

The best travel places in the world

10 Best Travel Places according to

All travelers seek for new impressions and always wonder are there any ever more interesting and thrilling places to visit in the world. Ofcourse there are!

Many well known travel agencies and magazines publish their own list of the best travel places which are worth visiting.

But do you want to know what places are the best in the world according to See the list below. It is based on the analyse of comments, photo's descriptions, where users speak of the cities and destinations they have visited, they express their own opinion and share experiences with friends. As the result of this investigation you can see the list of the best travel places in the world.

The number one among the top travel destinations is a marvelous "travel jewel" of France, the famous city of Paris, known for its museums, galleries, cathedrals and parks. On the second place we see the most visited city of East Asia, Bangkok. The third line is occupied by the city of London with its world known sights, museums and London buses.

List of the best places for travel according to

  • Paris, France 
  • Bangkok, Thailand 
  • London, UK 
  • New York, USA 
  • Beijing, China 
  • Rome, Italy 
  • Machu Picchu, Peru 
  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • Mexico city, Mexico 
  • San Francisco, USA