Top 100 smallest countries by area

Along with big countries, there are many small independent states, and some are so tiny that are called microstates.

The smallest one of them is the Vatican City (Holy See), it actually occupies only an old quarter with a few buildings and parks in the center of Rome (Italy). Perhaps it is the most unusual country with own government, army, diplomatic missions, but without permanent native population (the citizenship is granted to persons who work in the Vatican and its missions worldwide).

Many other countries ranked in the top 30 of our list have some common features. Most of them are European microstates or the tiny islands in the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Indian Ocean (mostly the former overseas colonies gained their independence in the second half of the 20th century). Further, in the table below you can find more known nations ranked by total area, and also see neighbors with whom they share land borders.

Note that the list includes only officially recognized independent states, and excludes dependent territories. For example, you cannot find here the Puerto Rico (it is a part of the USA), and also the Bermuda (it is the British overseas territory).

List of the 100 smallest countries by total area (land and water surface)
Rank Country Total area in sq km (sq miles) Continent Bordering countries by land
1Vatican City0.44 (0.17)EuropeItaly
2Monaco2,02 (0.78)EuropeFrance
3Nauru21 (8.1)Australia and Oceania-
4Tuvalu26 (10)Australia and Oceania-
5San Marino61 (24)EuropeItaly
6Liechtenstein160 (62)EuropeAustria, Switzerland
7Marshall Islands181 (70)Australia and Oceania-
8Saint Kitts and Nevis269 (104)North America-
9Maldives300 (116)Asia-
10Malta316 (122)Europe-
11Grenada344 (133)North America-
12Saint Vincent and the Grenadines389 (150)North America-
13Barbados430 (170)North America-
14Antigua and Barbuda442 (171)North America-
15Seychelles455 (176)Africa-
16Palau460 (178)Australia and Oceania-
17Andorra468 (181)EuropeFrance, Spain
18Saint Lucia616 (238)North America-
19Micronesia702 (271)Australia and Oceania-
20Singapore719.1 (277.6)Asia-
21Tonga747 (288)Australia and Oceania-
22Dominica751 (290)North America-
23Bahrain780 (301)Asia-
24Kiribati811 (313)Australia and Oceania-
25Sao Tome and Principe1,001 (386)Africa-
26Mauritius2,040 (788)Africa-
27Comoros2,235 (863)Africa-
28Luxembourg2,586 (998)EuropeBelgium, France, Germany
29Samoa2,842 (1,097)Australia and Oceania-
30Cabo Verde4,033 (1,557)Africa-
31Trinidad and Tobago5,131 (1,981)North America-
32Brunei5,765 (2,226)AsiaMalaysia
33Palestine6,220 (2,402)AsiaEgypt, Israel, Jordan
34Cyprus9,250 (3,571)EuropeUnited Kingdom (Akrotiri and Dhekelia)
35Lebanon10,452 (4,036)AsiaIsrael, Syria
36Kosovo10,887 (4,203)EuropeAlbania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia
37Jamaica10,991 (4,244)North America-
38Gambia11,295 (4,361)AfricaSenegal
39Qatar11,586 (4,473)AsiaSaudi Arabia
40Vanuatu12,189 (4,706)Australia and Oceania-
41Montenegro13,812 (5,333)EuropeAlbania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia
42Bahamas13,878 (5,358)North America-
43Timor-Leste14,874 (5,743)AsiaIndonesia
44Swaziland17,364 (6,704)AfricaMozambique, South Africa
45Kuwait17,818 (6,880)AsiaIraq, Saudi Arabia
46Fiji18,274 (7,056)Australia and Oceania-
47Slovenia20,273 (7,827)EuropeAustria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy
48Israel20,770 (8,019)AsiaEgypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Syria
49El Salvador21,041 (8,124)North AmericaGuatemala, Honduras
50Belize22,966 (8,867)North AmericaGuatemala, Mexico
51Djibouti23,200 (8,958)AfricaEritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia
52Macedonia (FYROM)25,713 (9,928)EuropeAlbania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia
53Rwanda26,338 (10,169)AfricaBurundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda
54Haiti27,750 (10,714)North AmericaDominican Republic
55Burundi27,830 (10,745)AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania
56Equatorial Guinea28,051 (10,831)AfricaCameroon, Gabon
57Albania28,748 (11,100)EuropeGreece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro
58Solomon Islands28,896 (11,157)Australia and Oceania-
59Armenia29,743 (11,484)EuropeAzerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey
60Lesotho30,355 (11,720)AfricaSouth Africa
61Belgium30,528 (11,787)EuropeFrance, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands
62Moldova33,843 (13,067)EuropeRomania, Ukraine
63Taiwan36,000 (13,900)Asia-
64Guinea-Bissau36,125 (13,948)AfricaGuinea, Senegal
65Bhutan38,394 (14,824)AsiaChina, India
66Switzerland41,285 (15,940)EuropeAustria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany
67Netherlands (incl. overseas territories)42,199 (16,293)EuropeBelgium, Germany
68Estonia45,227 (17,462)EuropeLatvia, Russia
69Dominican Republic48,670 (18,792)North AmericaHaiti
70Slovakia49,036 (18,933)EuropeAustria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine
71Costa Rica51,100 (19,730)North AmericaNicaragua, Panama
72Bosnia and Herzegovina51,209 (19,772)EuropeCroatia, Montenegro, Serbia
73Croatia56,594 (21,851)EuropeBosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
74Togo56,785 (21,925)AfricaBenin, Burkina Faso, Ghana
75Latvia64,589 (24,938)EuropeBelarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia
76Lithuania65,300 (25,212)EuropeBelarus, Latvia, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast)
77Sri Lanka65,610 (25,332)Asia-
78Georgia69,700 (26,911)Asia / EuropeArmenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey
79Ireland70,282 (27,136)EuropeUnited Kingdom
80Sierra Leone71,740 (27,699)AfricaGuinea, Liberia
81Panama75,420 (29,120)North AmericaColombia, Costa Rica
82Serbia77,474 (29,913)EuropeBosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania
83Czech Republic78,867 (30,451)EuropeAustria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia
84United Arab Emirates83,600 (32,278)AsiaOman, Saudi Arabia
85Austria83,879 (32,386)EuropeCzech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland
86Azerbaijan86,600 (33,436)Asia / EuropeArmenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Turkey
87Jordan89,342 (34,495)AsiaIraq, Israel, Palestine (West Bank), Saudi Arabia, Syria
88Portugal92,220 (35,606)EuropeSpain
89Hungary93,028 (35,918)EuropeAustria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
90South Korea100,266 (38,713)AsiaNorth Korea
91Iceland103,000 (38,768)Europe-
92Guatemala108,889 (42,042)North AmericaBelize, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico
93Cuba109,880 (42,425)North America-
94Bulgaria110,879 (42,811)EuropeGreece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey
95Liberia111,369 (43,000)AfricaCote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Sierra Leone
96Honduras112,090 (43,278)North AmericaEl Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragu
97Benin114,763 (44,310)AfricaBurkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Togo
98Eritrea117,600 (45,406)AfricaDjibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan
99Malawi118,484 (45,747)AfricaMozambique, Tanzania, Zambia
100North Korea120,540 (46,541)AsiaChina, South Korea, Russia