Free online courses and learning resources

Being a perfect opportunity for many people worldwide to enhance their educational level, obtain new knowledge and skills, online learning is gaining popularity every year. Publicly accessible through the web so-called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are now considered the most widely used and free learning source. The majority of them are developed by the world's leading universities (like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and others) and include a full access to video lectures, discussions and practical assignments.

Nowadays, a wide range of MOOCs in many disciplines is offered through a number of online resources.

  • The leading educational internet platforms are (founded by professors from Stanford) and (created by MIT and Harvard). Both provide a free access to MOOCs from the best universities worldwide (including programs in different languages), asking to pay some fee for certification, if you need it. They constantly continue to expand by attracting new partners-universities and offering more and more learning products. Here you can also find paid programs like Xseries (on or Specializations (on comprised of a set of courses with a capstone project at the end.
  • Two other popular MOOC providers, and, are positioning themselves as totally free services. There are no paid courses, some minimum fee is charged for a certificate.
  • Such education resources like and are in great demand among users. Along with free courses in many subjects, here you can find a number of other educational products, tests, practical exercises, videos, which are very helpful for people of all ages and can be used for a self-studying.
List of the top providers of Massive Open Online Courses in 2016
Provider Courses Total number of learners exceeds Certification Head-office
Free Paid
coursera.orgYesYes17 700 000Verified CertificateUSA
edx.orgYesYes5 000 000Verified Certificate
XSeries certificate
alison.comYesNo6 000 000Alison Certificate or DiplomaIreland
futurelearn.comYesNo3 100 000Statements of ParticipationUK
openculture.comYesNono dataNoUSA YesNo10 000 000NoUSA